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What Patients Are Saying


Dr Molin is a miracle worker. Seriously. I'm 35 years old and have always had hip issues that would flare up, causing me to limp around until the bursitis calmed down. For as long as I can remember, my hip popped every time I took a step, until I saw Dr Molin.

-Joanna S.


I was very skeptical about going to a chiropractor...i thought what if they break my neck?! But after suffering through a ton of shoulder pain (to the point where i couldn't look over my right shoulder) and much prompting from a co-worker i finally deicded to make an appointment with Dr. Molin. She is amazing!

-Stacy D


Upon arrival to the office I was pleased with the brand new, modern and welcoming atmosphere.

Upon leaving, I was impressed not only with Dr. Molin's knowledge and desire to help but also her kind and compassionate nature.

-Kimberly S

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