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With a passion for multifaceted treatment and individualized care, Dr. Molin founded New England Chiropractic & Sports Health.  It was her dream to build relationships with the surrounding community and to be both a provider and partner in promoting her patient's overall health and wellness.  

Chiropractic school taught Dr. Molin some of what she utilizes in practice today, however it is what has been completed outside of school that sets her apart.

With an advanced certification through the Titleist Performance Institute, Dr. Molin has a unique understanding of biomechanical influences and how they relate to a golf swing.  While improving a handicap is fun, her real interest lies in keeping golfers playing golf.

Adding to her clinical experience Dr. Molin has served as part of the medical team for the New York City marathon several times as well as medical team leader for the Providence Rock n Roll marathon.  Treating athletes during competition developed a different skill set and is one that she draws upon when preparing an athlete for their race, meet, game, tournament, round etc.  

Becoming a mother changes EVERYTHING!  It was while pregnant that Dr. Molin came to know a different side of chiropractic care...maternity care!  Dr. Molin was blessed with three healthy and (mostly) pain-free pregnancy and deliveries, much of which she attributes to chiropractic care.  They say you don't completely understand something unless you've gone through it... as a three time mother she knows a thing or two about what it's like to be pregnant and what really helps!  

Other certifications and continuing education include Active Release Technique, Graston Technique, Extremity adjusting, motion palpation seminars and rehabilitative exercise.  

When outside of the office Dr. Molin is busy running around with her three beautiful girls and her jet-setting husband.   

Dr. Molin: About Me
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